Nearly twice as many people disapprove of the way in which Balearic President Francesc Antich is governing the Balearics as they did in March. According to the results of a survey carried out by the local government last month, while in March 15 per cent of the population said they were unhappy with Antich's track record, over the past seven months, the figure has risen to 23.7 per cent. However, 54.9 per cent of those surveyed are pleased with Antich's performance. The figure is slightly down on March, when 56.6 per cent said they approved of the Balearic President. Antich's left-wing coalition government has gained in popularity with 39.2 per cent of the population claiming that this current government is better than its right-wing predecessor under the leadership of Jaume Matas. 24.6 per cent believe that Matas's government was better and 28.1 per cent say there is little difference. The present local government appears to be most popular with young people. 60 per cent of young people approve of the government's management of the region. By stark contrast, the 45 to 59 age group is the government's most critical section of society. 60 per cent of students and the unemployed approve of the government, but Antich's biggest critics are housewives with 49 per cent unhappy with his regime. The government is also popular with 57 per cent of the region's professionals and 44 per cent of voters for the opposition right wing Partido Popular party, approve of the way Antich and his government are handling the islands.


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