Bus passengers be warned, from January 1 all public bus companies will require passengers to have the exact change if paying in pesetas. The order was approved yesterday by the Balearic Ministry for Transport in order to try and make things run a little smoother during the eight week transition period. What is more, the bus companies will have the right to refuse accepting notes larger than 50 euros. However, passengers will be able to either pay for their bus tickets in pesetas or euros “but not a combination of the two currencies.” Bus companies have been given permission to round up their fares if they have to and that the minimum bus fare has been set at 0.90 euros. Catching cabs and public buses is going to be confusing for many people over the next few weeks and, especially on the buses, paying is going to take slightly longer than usual. Passengers are urged to be patient as everybody is having to get used to the new currency.


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