The investigation into the murder of 22-year-old Sandra Gonzalez Aguilera has been closed after her boyfriend is believed to have confessed to police. Police questioned 25-year-old Albert Lopez on Friday and he allegedly confessed to having killed his girlfriend. He apparently told police that while the couple were dining at Sandra's parents' house on New Year's Eve, he walked in to the master bedroom where the parents keep the safe. The key was in the door and all he had to do was unlock the safe, inside was 850'000 pesetas and he took the lot. The couple left just after midnight and headed off to buy cocaine, not for a few drinks as initially thought, with the stolen money. He told officers that at around midday on Wednesday, he started to feel guilty, not only about having stolen the money but also because he had been living with them for a couple of months. Alberto claimed that he intended to return the money that was left, but Sandra did not like the idea, hoping that her parents would never find out and the two started to argue about what to do. At the heat of the argument, Alberto hit Sandra with a builder's hammer. Once the victim was on the floor he strangled her with a pillow slip.

He then tried to commit suicide, but failed. Police revealed yesterday that only a few months ago Alberto Lopez had been involved in a big fight in Magalluf.


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