Transport companies and drivers under digital control.

The Balearics wants permission to employ 250 foreign coach drivers in order to cope with demand this summer. The Federation of Balearic Transport Companies (FEBT) has applied to central government for the necessary permits to hire 250 non-European Union drivers to help ease the pressure on the region's current army of coach drivers between May and October. The FEBT secretary, Francesc Payeras and the president of the association of coach companies, Jaume Batle, made the application to Madrid via the Ministry for Labour, Public Works and Transport in Palma. The coach companies are well aware that how many permits are granted will determine how many foreign workers will be granted permission to work this year. They are confident that around 50 drivers will be given the all clear in time for the summer season this year and the coach companies can start to employ more foreign drivers from then on, gradually building up the work force. Although many coach drivers find themselves with little or no work during the quiet winter months, a factor the coach companies will have to take in to account, besides merely trying to make their lives easier.


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