Obesity and weight problems are becoming common in children in Spain, just like the rest of Europe, with just under 14 per cent of Spanish kids suffering one or both. However, in the Balearics, the percentage is slightly lower than the national average. Obesity has been described at the epidemic of the 21st century and effects 26.3 per cent of people aged between two and 24 in Spain with 12.4 suffering from over weight. Obesity however is more apparent in girls in the 6 to 13 age group. A recent study has also discovered that the number of cases varies across Spain. The highest number of cases are in Andalucia and the Canary Islands, while the Balearics has one of the lowest percentages. The warning bells first started to ring at a conference in Palma at the end of last year and the latest figures, for example, show that in the 2 to eight age group, obesity is a bigger problem in Spain than in the United States. Two of the main causes are bad diet and less physical activity with children preferring to either watch television or play audio visual games on the tv or computers.


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