In response to a flood of complaints from worried parents, the Unión de Consumidores (Consumers' Union) yesterday called on the central government delegate to Ibiza, Marienna Sánchez Jáuregui, to tighten controls of the sale of alcohol to minors. In a letter to Jáuregui, the consumer association demanded that new steps be taken before the start of summer season to stop bars and night clubs serving alcohol to people under 18. The association's representative in Ibiza, Carlos Salinas, said yesterday that they have received a wave of complaints from worried parents about night clubs not only serving alcohol but also allowing minors on to the premises. Parents want clubs to introduce stricter controls on clients. There are also concerns about clubs hosting “youth sessions” for the under-18 market. Parents and the consumer association want to see the sale of alcohol at such events prohibited. One problem is people over 18 buying alcohol for kids under 18, and by banning alcohol period, at least one problem is resolved.


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