Palma's EMT public transport company, with Mayor Joan Fageda at the wheel, unveiled 12 new public buses yesterday. The new deliveries brought the size of the capital's bus fleet up to 150 and marked the completion of the first phase of the public transport renovation project. Not only does the city have 150 new buses, but the fleet is 50 per cent bigger that it was last year. Fageda and the chairman of EMT, Pedro Alvarez, said yesterday that now with the new fleet, the council can set about increasing the number of services to neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the capital, improve the public bus service in general and make the maximum use of all the EMT's resources. In order to meet the demands of the public transport travelling public, the Palma fleet consists of four different models of bus with 94 buses specially equipped for the disabled. The new fleet also includes 12 “zero-environmental impact” buses and mini-buses, with capacity for 40 passengers, for navigating the narrower city centre streets. Four buses with capacity for 60 passengers will also be operating on the fast link from the capital to the airport. Palma's old bus fleet has been split up with the buses in the process of being dispatched to various Third World countries across the globe from Africa to South America.


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