Police after either a hammer or a spanner.

Teams of Guardia Civil divers searched the sea-bed off Son Caliu for a second day yesterday in the hunt for the weapon used in the murder of Guardia Civil corporal Francisco Orejena Garcia at his Palma Nova flat last weekend. Murder detectives are looking for either the hammer or spanner used by the corporal's ex-wife, Titiana Liliania. Yesterday, the Guardia Civil were able to reconstruct the crime based on information provided by the prime suspect after she allegedly confessed to police on Thursday. After further questioning of the Swedish woman, who used to work at Palma airport, police deduced that she did not intend to kill her ex-husband, but she acted in a moment of “blind fury.” Garcia has been described by colleagues as a “top” policeman. He had served in Majorca for the past 11 years, during which time he was deployed with peace keeping missions in East Timor and Bosnia. But it appears that his ex-wife became a financial burden and the two had been arguing at his flat, rows over money were regular. It is alleged that Liliana visited Garcia on the night of Friday, February 8. Apparently the couple would argue frequently, despite Garcia paying her 70'000 pesetas per month in maintenance for their two children, whom he would look after when she was on the night shifts at the airport. He was also paying the mortgages on his and her properties and friends say that lately, the financial burden was starting to get him down: his monthly wage was just 200'000 pesetas. Apart from the money, it would appear that Liliana was still very much in love with the exemplary corporal and was unable to let go of the relationship, never mind accept that he had started another relationship with a younger woman. On the night in question, during the heated argument, Liliana, allegedly grabbed a blunt instrument and hit Garcia round the head with considerable force. Instead of giving herself up to the police, during the first few days of the murder investigation, deeply upset, she claimed no knowledge of the crime and denied that she had been at Garcia's flat on the night of the crime. Police believe it was the wrong tactic - as she had allegedly been seen leaving the flat in the early hours of Saturday morning by one of the few winter residents in the block of tourist flats. The witness came forward and police placed Liliana under the round-the-clock surveillance. Apparently she went to see a psychologist, but eventually caved in, which is when police arrested her on Wednesday and she allegedly confessed to police the following day, unable to withstand the hours upon hours of questioning.


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