Calvià Local Police will today launch a new night patrol unit. The new night patrols are all part of the Calvia police programme approved last December and the main aim of the night force will be to increase the level of safety and security for local residents. The unit is not just for the holiday season, but will be in operation every night throughout the year. The night unit will be made up of 11 policemen and women under the command of two officers. However, during the summer season, the night force will be boosted to 19 agents on the street with a third officer in charge. All of Calvia Local Police force night owls have volunteered for the new task which therefore allows the force to expand its operations and provide a more complete service for local residents, many of whom have expressed concerns to the local council about a growing sense of insecurity in certain parts of the municipality. Local Police chiefs have however, tried to encourage those members of the force with greater experience of policing Calvia, in particular Magalluf, at night, who are used to the typical kinds of problems which arise, to join the night force. But, the police's focus of attention will not just be on the busy tourist resorts. During the summer Calvia is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe. The night force will be on patrol between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. taking care of the resident population's needs. The local council has however chosen an apt year to launch the night patrols. With the World Cup being held this summer, police and the council would have had to have increased security measures any how - just to be on the safe side if nothing else. Police forces across the island are boosted during the holiday season by extra members of the National Police as part of the annual summer security operation in holiday resorts across Spain.