The Balearics will receive 3.9 million euros from the central government for social programmes this year. This is part of a 195 million euro package approved by the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) in Madrid yesterday. The amount granted to the Balearics is the fifth lowest, after Ceuta and Melilla, who will receive less than one million euros each, La Rioja with 2.4 million and Cantabria with just over three million euros. The biggest slice of the cake goes to Andalucia, which will receive 36.9 million euros, followed by Catalonia with 29.3 million and Madrid with 23.23 million euros. The Council of Ministers also announced an aid package for farmers totalling 166.52 million euros, divided into three sections: farming, livestock and rural development. The funds in the first section are to be used mainly for promoting new technologies and rationalising farming methods, promoting cooperatives, preventing and fighting plagues. The Balearics did not fare very well in this category as the islands will only receive 275'815 euros, the fourth lowest amount. The largest amount, 2.7 million euros, goes to Andalucia. The position is slightly better for the livestock sector, which will receive 1.9 million euros, the eighth highest amount (Asturias benefits most with 7.9 million euros). The funds are mainly for promoting beekeeping, protecting native species of farm animals, controlling dairy herds and improving health of livestock. For rural development, the islands will receive just over one million euros, the 13th highest amount. Galicia tops the list in this category, with 13.7 million euros, followed by Andalucia with 10.1 million euros.