The naked body of a young Belgian woman was found wrapped in plastic and toilet paper on a small farm close to the Manacor racetrack yesterday. The body was found by the tenant of the farm, who called in the police and by 10am several police cars were at the scene. It is believed that the woman was strangled although an autopsy will be held to determine the exact cause of death. In the meantime, Local Police in Manacor found a German aged 40, sitting on the pavement. He was naked, and wrapped in plastic and toilet paper and there was blood on his body. The police had been alerted at 7am with reports that a man answering the same description had been spotted in Fartàrtix. Similar reports were received from other parts of the municipality but the man was not found until about 9am. He was taken to a health centre for treatment. Sources say that he spoke French, but only uttered meaningless phrases. Later it was reported he was the woman's husband. When the Local Police heard of the discovery of the woman's body, they informed the National Police that they had a possible suspect. The man was arrested and taken to jail while investigations continue.