The environmental group GOB has called on the Council of Majorca to drop plans for reforming the Sant Joan to Sineu road, saying that it is unnecessary. The group claims that the Council has failed to take into consideration the countryside through which the road runs, and has not studied the impact on the environment. It has asked the Council to shelve plans until such a report is compiled. The Council is treating the project as urgent, and will expropriate land from 140 landowners, who are also opposed to the scheme. They have presented the Council with a petition backed by 900 signatures, all in opposition to the proposed work to be carried out. They say that plans go against the spirit of the master plan for development which calls for the preservation of country roads. The land owners have the support of the Sineu town council. The road will be widened and bends straightened out, but numerous dry stone walls will be lost in the process and too much land will be taken up, say opponents.