The existing power station at Son Reus.

GESA-Endesa, the gas and electricity board expects the peak demand for electricity in the Majorca-Minorca system this summer to be in the region of 850 megawatts, well under the system's capacity of 1'075 megawatts.c In order to ensure this, GESA plans to bring its last steam turbine into use and complete the combined cycle at Son Reus betwen June and July this year. This installation will generate 230 megawatts and will guarantee demand in the summer. According to the company's calculations, peak demand will be about eight per cent more than last year's record of 787 megawatts on August 29, during the heat wave. Once the combined system of Son Reus I is completed, Gesa-Endesa will spend 170 million euros on building a new combined system at the Son Reus II power station, to guarantee future supplies, taking into account current growth rate, which is in the region of eight per cent a year. The new power station will be different to the combined system which uses three gas turbines and one steam turbine. Son Reus II will have two gas turbines for one steam turbine. Gesa plans to have the first two turbines working by summer and the steam turbine in 2005, although construction can be speeded up if there is a sudden increase in demand. Once the combined cycles of Son Reus I and II, with a capacity of 218 megawatts each, are fully operational, the capacity to generate electricity in the Majorca-Minorca system will grow by 34 per cent compared to current figures. The new power station will use diesel but will be converted to natural gas when it becomes available.