Balearic President Francesc Antich wants each Balearic island to have its own consortium in charge of co-ordinating public and private transport in order to provide the public with “sustainable, fluid and safe” services. Antich called on all the relevant institutions and administrations for the “maximum effort and input,” saying that improving transport and providing a reliable service across the region is “fundamental.” He also believes that by being able co-ordinate transport services “social welfare will improve along with the quality of life” in the Balearics with the road congestion finally being reduced. The Balearic President yesterday addressed delegates at a Palma conference on the proposed transport consortiums, organised by the Balearics government. Members from autonomous governments across Spain have been attending the conference over the past two days as well as the authorities in Madrid and Barcelona. All of the delegates agreed yesterday that the only solution to the country's growing traffic congestion and the problems it causes is to set up the special consortiums whose sole pupose is to tackle transport. Over the past few days a host of ideas have been put forward, but experts have admitted that it is going to be “hard and complicated work” establishing a good transport system in the Balearics. But Antich is determined to push ahead with his plans and yesterday announced that in the not so distant future, single travel cards are to be introduced for all means of public transport in each of the islands. The Balearic president also revealed that his government has recently completed drawing up its plan for the transport consortiums. The SFM Majorcan railway service, the EMT public bus company and the companies with the contracts for Majorca's public bus services will be the three parties forming Majorca's transport consortium. Balearic Minister for Public Works and Transport, Francesc Quetglas, said after yesterday's meeting that the conference has further stressed the need for sound, reliable and comfortable public transport while coming up with ideas and solutions to the problems.