Thieves seem to be moving into the island's smaller towns and villages in search of rich pickings and after Algaida's bank raid earlier this week, yesterday thieves got away with a reported 180'000 euros from a company safe in Sineu. Sources say that the operation was perfectly planned and was one of the biggest jobs in Majorca in recent years. The Guardia Civil are investigating the case, but no information is being revealed. However it is known that the raid took place in a metalwork company in Sineu, between late on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. The firm does have an alarm system which apparently did not go off as the thieves gained entry by forcing one of the doors. They are then believed to have gone straight to the safe and used heavy instruments to break it open. It is believed that they made considerable noise during the operation, which must have taken at least half an hour, but nobody reported hearing anything. The theft was discovered the following morning when staff turned up for work and the Guardia Civil were called in immediately. It is believed that more than one person was involved in the operation and also that the gang knew exactly how the metalwork company operated, especially that the safe, which also contained documents, would be holding such a large amount of cash.