The number of complaints dealt with by the municipal consumer information office last year, 1'212, was ten per cent lower than the previous year. This was announced by councillor Lys Riera, in charge of consumer affairs, at the presentation of its website and annual report, coinciding with Consumer Day. She said that 232 of the complaints were about the telephone service and 69 about furniture, and 35 per cent of all the cases were resolved thanks to the office's mediation. Just over 500 were transfered to another official consumer office and 192 are still being examined. Riera said that 66 of the complaints were about air transport, 54 about footwear and clothing, 53 about household repairs, 49 about electro domestic appliances and 48 about insurance. January and May were the months with most complaints, and April with fewest. But while complaints at the municipal office were down, the government's consumer board imposed more fines than ever to the total of 386'345 euros, 29 per cent higher, the biggest offender being the Palma city council - 147'248 euros over its citzen's card.