More than 250 people took part in the demo.

More than 250 people from Petra staged a demo in Palma to back their demands to have the proposed railway line rerouted so that it skirts the town instead of running through it. They set off from Petra at 8.30am, by coach and private car, and just before 10am they were at government headquarters in Consolat de la Mar, where they displayed banners, chanted slogans and blew whistles. A committee was received by government leader Francesc Antich and public works minister Francesc Quetglas. During the meeting it was agreed that a joint committee would be set up to study the problems. It will have representatives of the government, the Council of Majorca, town council and the groups which are in favour of the line running through the centre of the town and those who are opposed to it. Miquel Duran, who leads the group which wants the line outside the town expressed his satisfaction. Mayor Joan Font of the PSM (Majorcan Socialist Party) explained the council's position. He said that the council has always been in favour of moving the line so that it would not divide the town or endanger people. Both Antich and Quetglas defended an open posture and called on the council and demonstrators to do likewise. Deputy leader Pere Sampol said that moving the line was both technically and financially viable. Margalida Rosselló, the environment minister, said that her department would make an in-depth study of the proposal as initially they favoured the old original route. Those who are opposed to changing the route say that it does not make sense to have the station outside the town's limits, as this would keep people from using the train.