A group of about 20 taxi drivers in Andratx retained a mini bus in which tourists were travelling. They retained the vehicle for two hours at the pedestrian area of Camp de Mar. The incident occurred at around 11am, when the mini bus went to a hotel to pick up guests for what the cabbies claim was an illegal excursion. The cabbies called in the local police and tension rose. According to sources, the police investigated the mini bus, which was driven by a foreigner, and found it to be hired out for excursions, made without the authorisation of the ministry of public works. The sources said that guides sold tickets for excursions around the island for 85 euros. The mini buses used did not pay taxes and did not comply with government directives on passenger transport. The police have denounced four mini-buses (three Mercedes and a Seat) within the space of 48 hours, for lacking insurance and public service documents. The cabbies said that they were tired of the situation and have complained to the town council on various occasions, although nothing has been done. When the tourists left the mini bus the taxi drivers went to the town hall, where they blew whistles and shouted slogans, calling on the council to find a solution to the problem.