The Popular Party (PP) will present motions in Parliament and the Council of Majorca, calling on the regeneration of beaches hit by last November's storms to be treated as a matter of urgency. José María Gonzalez Ortea, head of the PP in Parliament, and Jaume Font, the PP spokesman in the Council, said that the purpose was to clarify the posture of the various groups in the ruling coalition regarding the extraction of 350'000 cubic metres of sand to restore the beaches. They said that the storms caused a considerable loss of sand in various beaches in Ibiza and Majorca and representatives of the tourist sector and some town councils have been calling for something to be done so that the beaches are restored before the start of the season. There have been arguments about the advisability of dredging sand from the sea bed, and the PP wants to test the government's stance, although responsibility for the work lies with the central ministry.