Two people have been arrested on drugs related charges, following an incident in which a small child drank liquid ecstasy, which her mother thought was water. The two people have not been named but they are the owner and DJ of a night spot in the Gomila area. The child, aged two, is recovering satisfactorily at Son Dureta hospital, where she was admitted on Thursday. The child's mother is a cleaner and she took the two-year-old with her. When she asked for a drink, the woman opened the fridge and found a one and a half litre bottle containing what she thought was water. The child became ill after a few sips and the mother rushed her to Son Dureta, taking with her the bottle, which was analysed while the child had her stomach pumped. The police were informed of the results of the analysis and opened an investigation. The two men who were arrested have denied charges of trafficking, saying that the drug was for their own consumption. They are due to appear before a judge tomorrow.