Only 51 per cent of the inhabitants of the Balearics read, one of the lowest figures in Spain, where the average is 54 per cent, according to a survey on reading habits in 2001. The regions with the highest percentage of readers are Madrid, Navarre, La Rioja and Cantabria with 60 to 61 per cent, and the lowest percentages, 47-48 per cent, are found in Andalucia and Valencia. According to the survey, conducted by the federation of book publishers, 54 per cent of Spaniards read books at least once a quarter and 36 per cent do so every week. Catalonia has the highest percentage of buyers (70 per cent) purchasing an average of nine books a year, followed by Madrid with 67 per cent of the population and ten books a year. Only 45 and 50 per cent of the populations of Galicia and Andalucia buy books, the survey said.