Vosseler was the centre of attention.

It was the first day of work for Lothar Vosseler, a 54 year old German, and if it attracted more attention than usual it was because of who he is -the step-brother of German president Gerard Schröeder. Vosseler, who is married and has a child, now works on the Captain Nemo, the submarine which shows tourists a glimpse of Majorca beneath the sea. The media attention did not seem to bother him, although he barely spoke, but he did smile a lot and posed for the cameras, most of them from German television stations. Vosseler, dressed in white, admitted that he did not know the island, nor did he know how to run a mini-submarine, although for the time being his duties, it appears, will be confined to accompanying tourists in the boat which takes them from Magalluf to the submarine. It apparently involves tasks similar to those of a steward, making sure the passengers are comfortable, talking to them and handing out sweets. Vosseler has had a chequered career, his many jobs including a daily column in a German newspaper in Cologne. Perhaps the Majorcan sea and scenery is just what he has been looking for.