Bern Ecker, the German accused of murdering his companion, Vicky Keller of Belgium, whose naked body, wrapped in plastic and toilet paper, was found in a field outside Manacor on March 2, appeared in court where the charges were explained to him and he was informed that he would be tried by jury. During the court appearance, the judge tried to determine the motive of the crime. It is reported the accused did not deny the facts but refused to answer certain questions and even said that his companion was still alive and that he would not change his mind until someone proved to him that she was dead. Ecker was found shortly after the body was discovered. He was naked, and covered with plastic and toilet paper. In jail he refused to speak or eat and he was taken to the General Hospital. The psychiatrist who examined him ruled out that he was mentally ill. The investigation has not been closed and a further arrest has not been ruled out. It is believed that the victim was not killed at the place where her body was found.