Easter looks set to be a damp one in the Balearics. Despite all the glorious sunshine over the past ten days, people were even in the sea yesterday, the Easter weather forecast is not so hot. The rain which fell on the Canary Islands yesterday is going to start making its way across Spain and the Balearics. Balearic skies are going to start clouding over and yesterday afternoon the temperatures started to drop and will continue to do so over the next few days. For Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Met office said yesterday that rain can be expected across most parts of Spain and the Balearics. The worst of the rain in the Balearics will be on Friday, but conditions should dry up over the weekend, although the sun will have a hard time breaking through the cloud. However temperatures will start to rise again on Friday with the weekend expected to be a humid one and Sunday will be slightly warmer than yesterday. As a rule Easter is normally a wet one in the Balearics and this year, despite falling earlier that usual, Easter will prove no exception. Those holidaymakers who have been in the Balearics for the past few weeks have enjoyed the best of the winter sun, those arriving over the next few days are going to need their umbrellas.