This year's Maundy Thursday procession in Palma today, the biggest one on the island, is a special occasion for one of the confraternities, that of the Cross of Calatrava, as it marks its centenary. It is the oldest of the religious associations in Palma and it was founded in 1902. Its members wear a white tunic and black cape and hood. Its symbols are the cross of Calatrava and the Five Wounds of Christ. The procession starts at 7pm at the Plaza del Hospital and it lasts for several hours - there are no fewer than 24 confraternities, each with its own paso or float depicting a scene from the Passion and Death of Christ. Although the procession is a solemn occasion, many of the penitents carry confits, a sugared almond type sweet which they throw to spectators lining the streets. The crucifix known as the Crist de la Sang was carried in the Maundy Procession as far back as 1554, and it is kept in the chapel of the General Hospital, which was founded in 1458. It is the patron of the Council of Majorca.