In a candid interview with Bulletin columnist Laura Stadler yesterday, German supermodel and actress Claudia Schiffer admitted that all the media attention in Majorca does not bother her and would never cause her to leave the island. The chance meeting was as Claudia Schiffer and her boyfriend Matthew Vaughn, flew down to Majorca for the Easter break. “I was looking awful,” Laura Stadler said “and Claudia looked “absolutely beautiful in a black mini-skirt. “She was not wearing any make-up and she looked just sensational, so I asked her how she managed to look so great while flying on aircraft.” “She was really charming and didn't seem at all bothered by the attention. “She told me that her secret on flights is to drink loads of water, although she never drinks alcohol only water any way,” said Laura Stadler. “I also noticed that she does not have any ice.” “But she does have a healthy appetite and told me that she always eats the airline food when travelling,” Laura added. So, having asked the supermodel, who has recently returned to the catwalk, for her travel beauty tips, Laura asked her about some tips on Majorca. “She told me her favourite restaurant is la Cuchara in Palma where she is always well looked after by its owner Peter Newman.” “I never order I always leave it up to Peter Newman who prepares me a special plate with a little bit of everything,” Schiffer said. Laura said “I asked her about all the media attention she gets when in Majorca and whether it drives her crazy. “But Schiffer said that it doesn't bother her “it's fine” and that the reports of her leaving the island because of the press attention are not true.” Claudia Schiffer's relationships with Majorca goes back to when she was just a little girl and her parents had an apartment in Andratx. She now owns a luxury hill top villa in Camp de Mar and is having a secluded, traditional Majorcan-style house built on her land to the back of her existing villa. She has also taken up golf along with her film producer boyfriend Matthew Vaughn, having lessons while in Majorca and, weather permitting, the couple will no doubt try to get on to the golf course over Easter. Claudia Schiffer always spends the most part of the summer in Majorca and this year is not expected to prove an exception. However, Laura Stadler was given the impression that Schiffer and Vaughn, film director Guy Ritchie's business partner, were apparently planning a special party during the flight down. So who knows, perhaps Schiffer may be planning to walk down the isle as well as the catwalk. “Whatever,” said Laura Stadler. “She was very sweet and wished me a lovely trip and stay in Majorca.”