Catherine Zeta Jones is preparing to make her official public singing debut in Majorca this summer. While her husband Michael Douglas and a few other lucky guests at his Costa Nord Cultural centre in Valldemossa were treated to a brief glimpse of one of the world's sexiest women singing last year, in June Zeta Jones, voted Britain's sexiest actress in a poll organised by FilmFour this month, will make her debut singing performance in Majorca. Catherine Zeta Jones, who has recently completed filming the musical “Chicago” alongside Richard Gere and Rene Zellwegger, which was filmed in Canada, has always been a singer and dancer. She was a budding pop star long before she took up acting, and has recently turned her attentions on music once again. Her singing debut in Majorca will be an all-star occasion. Topping the bill will be Art Garfunkel at Costa Nord as part of the centre's Mediterranean Nights cycle of theatrical and musical events. But it will be Catherine Zeta Jones, who also topped the FilmFour poll of actresses British men would most like to share a kiss, with Douglas in the audience, who will provide the finale. Art Garfunkel will perform with Jimmy Webb, musician and composer who wrote many of the songs for Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Initially it was thought that Michael Douglas was not going to have time to visit the island, where he owns the huge S'Estaca estate just a couple of miles away from his cultural centre. It was also said that Simply Red's Mick Hucknell was going to be appearing at Costa Nord, but he is still in the studio recording his latest album and will head out on tour as soon as the recording is finished. This month Douglas started work on his latest movie project “Smack the Kisser” which he is producing and also starring in with his father Kirk. The film has become a real family affair with his 23-year-old son Cameron and his mother, Kirk's first wife, Diana Douglas also starring. The film is about three dysfunctional family generations struggling to get along in Manhattan. However, Michael may well be starring with Kirk, but Kirk will not be coming to Majorca this year, despite a burning desire to return to the island.