GMTV's Inch-Loss Beach programme got underway yesterday live from Camp de Mar in Majorca and the four “recruits” have twelve weeks to lose two stone and get into shape for summer. Yvonne Lewis, Karen Harris, Fiona MacFadyen and Janette Drew will be taken through their paces by nutritionist Amanda Ursell, fitness instructor Nicki Waterman and Life Coach Pete Cohen who is responsible for motivating the four volunteers. The team will be on the beach everyday this week, live from Majorca, and during the week each will be given a programme to follow for the next 12 weeks. GMTV and the “MEN” motivation, exercise and nutrition team, along with millions of viewers, will be keeping track of their progress to see if the four achieve their goals. Yvonne is the youngest of the four aged 20. She is 5ft5” and weighs 11 stone 12 lbs. She is battling to get into her bikini for summer and admits that temptation always gets the better of her. She also wants to prove her fiance, who is driven mad by her moaning about weight, wrong. Karen is 29, 5ft2” and weighs 12 stone. A mother of two, she wants to sculpt her body in time for her next holiday in August to Spain. Fiona is 31, 5ft6” and 10 stone 13lbs. She wants to rediscover her pre-baby body and get down to the curvatious size 12 she used to be. Janette is 35, 5ft6” and 12 stone. She is determined to stop the snacks in order to drop from a size 14 to a size 12 by summer when she is off to Greece. Inch-Loss Beach is being presented by Ben Shepherd, GMTV's Entertainment Today man and the breakfast show's “glamour man,” according to the production team. Over the next few days, the four recruits will be taken cycling, swimming, walking, show aqua sports and across an assault course as the fitness team draws up their 12 week weight loss programme which millions of Britons will also be following as the country shapes up for summer.


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