Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones took a sun-set walk through Valldemossa.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are expected to join local school children today at his Costa Nord cultural centre to celebrate World Environment Day, but last Saturday evening, as the last of the tourist coaches pulled out of Valldemossa, the Hollywood couple slipped into the village's beautiful gardens for a very private, romantic evening stroll. As the sun set over the Tramuntana mountains, the couple, wandered through the gardens hand in hand as Michael pointed out some of the village's key and historic features. Since arriving on the island two weeks ago, the couple, accompanied by baby Dylan - a big paella fan - have been keeping a low profile. They have both attended two concerts at the cultural centre, but apart from that, it's been rest and relaxation. They have both been working extremely hard on new films. Catherine Zeta Jones has been making Chicago with Richard Gere and Rene Zellweger and, according to yesterday's The Hollywood Reporter she is set to star opposite George Clooney in Cruelty in which she will play a Beverly Hills gold digger with several past husbands and Clooney will play the world's toughest divorce attorney. Rivals at first, they end up falling in love and the film will be directed by the hugely talented Joel Coen. Michael Douglas has started production on the much anticipated Smack In The Kisser which will also star his father Kirk, both sons Cameron (23) and Dylan. The film is about three dysfunctional generations struggling to get along in Manhattan and Douglas hopes to present the new film in Majorca next year, inviting his father to the presentation at the Balearic University which is planning an event in tribute of Kirk's career and all he had done for cinema. Last week Douglas, on behalf of Costa Nord, and the University signed up to work together on a number of cultural and cinematic projects over the next two years.


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