More than 300 people will be attending the Bulletin lecture.

The world famous explorer and environmentalist Colonel John Blashford Snell said yesterday that the public had to be more aware that the environment was under threat and needed to be protested. Colonel Blashford Snell, will be giving a Bulletin lecture tonight at the Costa Nord cultural centre in Valldemossa in which he will speak about his adventures and environmental topics. The lecture, entitled What A Wonderful World will be presented by Tiffany Blackman, Director of the Tourism Promotion Body, IBATUR. The world famous explorer has just returned from South America, a continent, he says, that still has to be discovered. “There are sizeable parts of South America which we know very little about. The sad thing is that the rain forest is being decimated. But in all these countries the underlining trend is hunger and famine. You can't tell someone who is hungry not to plant crops or chop down trees. You can tell them that they are destroying their future prosperity and they will reply that if they don't do it, they will be dead tomorrow,” he said, in a telephone interview. Colonel Blashford Snell recounted one of his recent adventures when a priest at a small village in the middle of the jungle in Guyana asked him to bring a grand piano for his church. “When I got back to England I mentioned the piano as a joke rather than a serious suggestion. All of a sudden I was presented with a piano and we were half way there. We mounted an expedition and we had to drag the piano, on a teak sledge, through the jungle, building bridges and pathways as we went along. “When we finally arrived at the village the priest was naturally overjoyed. It was quite incredible. The villagers just needed a limited amount of training and they were soon playing the piano. These days they have regular concerts and some-one goes out from England regularly to tune it.” Tonight's lecture is the Bulletin's small contribution to the Jubilee celebrations. Colonel Blashford Snell, who enjoys a close relationship with Prince Charles thanks to his work on Operation Raleigh, says that he was amazed and very proud of the success of the celebrations in Britain, and added that the scenes in London were quite fantastic. The lecture at 8p.m. has been organised by the Bulletin with the support of the Balearic Ministry for tourism, Costa Nord and British Midland (BMI). More than 300 people will attend including some very special guests.


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