Health and safety inspectors yesterday visited the scene of Monday's tragic death of five-year-old Jordan William Hamill who drowned in a hotel swimming pool. His grandmother, who was treated for shock in hospital, yesterday flew home to Glasgow and Hamill's father is expected to fly out to the island. Both parents were expected to join their son on Monday, but the mother, Lorain Hamill, is seven months pregnant and unable to make the harrowing trip to Majorca. The Balearic health inspectors declared that the swimming pool, one of two at the complex, meets all the rules and regulations, there is even a sign which states that nobody under the age of six should use the pool. The director of the holiday complex in Portocolom has been left shattered by the tragedy and, after hearing the report from the health and safety officers said that the incident was “so deeply unfortunate.” It appears that the only irregularity noted by the inspectors was that, despite the pool not needing a life guard because it is smaller than 50 square metres, apparently “there was no sign stating that there was no life guard.” The complex's life guard was on duty at the hotel's main swimming pool. The tragedy happened while the grandmother, Sally McDonald, was at a welcome reception, for guests who had arrived the night before. Jordan wandered off, crossed the road and into the pool area which is very difficult to see from the road, where he either fell or decided to get into the pool. The hotel director said that everybody searched high and low for the child, including in the pool. On the premises was a team of doctors, carrying out check ups on the staff and one of the doctors battled in vain to try and save the little boy's life. The autopsy is still being carried out and the results are expected within the next few days. UK consumer associations expressed concern over the accident and one in particular, Holiday Travel Watch, is keeping a close eye on developments of the inquiry.