The Balearic consumer board has withdrawn more than 5'000 babies' dummies (chupetes) of the brand Trebolín from the market, because of possible risks involved. The decision was based on reports which reached the consumer board indicating that the dummies in question had a high content of N-nitrosables. The European Commission believes that teats and dummies made from rubber can liberate this substance. Consumer Board investigations revealed that the dummies in question were usually sold in the Todo a Cien (100 pesetas shops) and none were found in chemists. Investigations were opened six weeks ago, when it was announced that dummies had been withdrawn from the market by the authorities in Murcia because of the danger they represented for the babies' health. At the beginning of May, inspectors blocked a shipment of teats at premises in the Son Castelló industrial estate, and then took samples for analysis by the laboratory of the National Consumer Institute's Quality Research Centre in Madrid. The results of the analysis have not been made public but the government decided to withdraw dummies of this make from the market because it felt there was sufficient indication for doubt.


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