A German named as Christian Leitch, aged 39, died of a gunshot wound during a quarrel in a car repair workshop in Pollensa. The owner of the business has been arrested on a charge of involuntary manslaughter. The death occurred in the Auto Xapa workshop in Calle Cecilio Metelo. The victim arrived at about 10.30am, driving a black Volkswagen Polo. According to reports, the owner, named as Juan M B, was talking to three employees and started to argue with the German, who lived in Sa Pobla. The two men went to the back of the workshop, where the argument continued. The German is alleged to have brandished a loaded revolver and the two men grappled each other. The revolver went off and the bullet hit the German in the neck, causing a fatal wound. Neighbours alarmed by the shot contacted the Guardia Civil who arrived on the scene within minutes. They and the Local Police cordoned off the area, confiscated the revolver and arrested the workshop owner, who was reported to be in a state of shock and did not offer resistance. He received medical attention before being taken to jail. The inspection of the scene continued until 2.15pm and was carried out by the judge from Inca, the coroner and Palma and Pollensa police. Police sources say that the quarrel is thought to be over a debt owed by the German to the owner of the workshop. This information is based on statements from the three employees who witnessed the arrival of the victim and part of the argument. The police searched the Volkswagen and traced the origin of the revolver. Although ownership has not been clearly established, it is known that Leitch did not have a licence to carry it. According to Pollensa sources, Leitch had recently married a woman from the town, although they lived in Sa Pobla. He bought and sold cars and is known to have had dealings with Juan M B. Many neighbours gathered outside the workshop while police were investigating, some standing outside in the sun for three hours. Several of them said that they had heard raised voices but very few said that they had heard the shot. Some eyewitnesses said that an iron bar had been wielded during the argument. The accused, who is well known in Pollensa where he has lived and run the workshop for many years, is due to appear before the court on Monday.