The public prosecutor will charge Juan M B, the owner of a garage workshop in Pollensa, with homicide over the death of a German, who died of a bullet wound during an argument on Friday. The accused made his second court appearance in Inca yesterday morning, for futher questioning over the death of Christian Leitch, 39, during an argument over money. Also present was a second person, a German, arrested on Saturday, who is alleged to have provided the accused with the gun, a charge which the German, who was released after questioning, denies. The German said he worked in the nautical sector, admitted knowing Juan M B and said that a few weeks ago had given one of the garage employees a flare gun because he was going to take part in a regatta. Juan M D told the court that the deceased had gone to his garage to pick up a car which was being repaired, but he had not wanted to hand it over because the German owed him money. In his statement, he said that during the argument, the victim produced a gun, they struggled and both fell down. The gun was dropped and went off, the accused explained, saying that the bullet hit him on the left side of the neck, causing his death. The Guardia Civil, however, believe that the gun belonged to the accused. The defence lawyer wants the case dismissed, alleging that it was a tragic accident, and there had been no intent to kill. The victim's family, bringing a private prosecution, want the garage owner charged with homicide. After yesterday's hearing, Juan M B was taken back to Palma jail where he has been since Saturday.


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