The Palma city council has gone out of its way to provide a varied programme of entertainment for the months of July and August, and they include two top class films which will be shown with the original English soundtrack. The first is the classic Billy Wilder comedy Some Like It Hot, which can be seen at 10pm on Tuesday July 16, at the Parc de la Mar, where a giant screen will be set up and seating provided. It provided Tony Curtis with one of the best roles of his career, an Academy Award nomination for Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe had seldom looked more appealing, while veteran Joe E Brown had some of the best lines in a script full of double-entendres and one liners. Wilder also won an Academy Award nomination, as did the script (by Wilder and I A L Diamond), cinematographer Charles Lang and art director Ted Howarth. The other film in English is the Beatles' Hard Day's Night, directed by Richard Lester in 1964. It can be seen at 10pm on July 30, also at the Parc de la Mar. When released, it was hailed as a breath of fresh air, and opened the door for the “swinging London” spate of spy thrillers and comedies of the later 1960s. Lester tried every gag in the book as he traced a day in the life of the Beatles as they set off from Liverpool by train for a London TV show. Academy Award nominations went to Alun Owen for the script and George Martin for musical direction. There will be several other films shown at the Parc de la Mar throughout the two months, but they will be dubbed into Spanish or Catalan. But if you have a limited knowledge of Spanish you will probably still enjoy Moulin Rouge, the Baz Luhrman musical starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor which can be seen at 10pm on Tuesday. Several independent films will be shown with their original soundtrack at the Casal Solleric in the Borne. The first of these is Love Serenade, a comedy by Australian director and writer Shirley Barret, which can be seen at 10pm on July 11. This is the tale of two sisters who will do anything to hook the right man. Stonewall, directed by Nigel Finch, is set in the legendary New York gay bar and examines the political coming of age of the homosexual community. It will be shown on July 18. Director Morgan J Freeman won three awards at the Sundance festival for Hurricane Streets which will be shown on July 25. There will be plenty of concerts, some at the Parc de la Mar, others at Bellver Castle, and most of them will be free. Details will appear on a daily basis in the What's On page.


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