Extra police re-inforcements have been sent to the Playa de Palma.

Big brother is going to be keeping an eye on the Playa de Palma in a bid to help police improve security in the area. In September the first of 50 closed-circuit surveillance cameras will be installed. The Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, said yesterday that the first phase of the security operation will involve the installation of ten cameras in key “hot spots” in the tourist resort. The Mayor, unveiling the summer 2002 police campaign for the Playa de Palma, said that the security crackdown “in the municipality's most important tourist resort,” will cost a total of 900.000 euros. Some of the funding the Mayor expects will come from central government. Fageda admitted that while being a popular destination for tourists, in so being, it attracts criminals, but he said that the security operation has been devised to ensure the maximum level of safety and security for visitors and residents. The summer operation will in fact involve three times the number of policemen and women on duty in the area during the rest of the year. This year, both the Local and National police forces will be working together. “Slowly but surely, we want to ensure that the Playa de Palma is a safe place to have fun,” proclaimed the mayor. He has, over the past two years come under heavy fire from Playa de Palma residents about rising crime and prostitution in the area and the general air of insecurity. Fageda also revealed that the city council is trying to establish a much closer level of co-operation between the police and the judiciary in order to improve efficiency of the force and that certain laws are being revised which would provide police with much greater powers in the future. Two of the conflict points this summer are, as usual, going to be noise contamination and opening hours. Offending bars can expect heavy fines like last year and even closure for set periods of time. Local Police patrols will be keeping a close eye on bars and clubs and monitoring noise levels.


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