No way, says Balearics.

This is going to come as a shock to many and provoke a fresh debate but British holidaymakers are the worst in the world. According to the results of a survey carried out by online travel service Expedia, Britons have been labelled the world's worst holidaymakers in a survey of tourist boards in 17 countries from Cyprus to San Francisco. But, adding insult to injury - the Germans are the best travellers according to the survey. According to the results of the survey, British holidaymakers are the least well-regarded by foreigners. The study claims that British holidaymakers are the rudest, worst-behaved, most linguistically incompetent and least adventurous holidaymakers. The top five welcomed tourist nations are:
United States
France, Norway, Sweden
The tourist boards questioned were asked about holidaymakers' behaviour, politeness, willingness to learn the language, trying local delicacies and spending on the local economy. Once all the data was collated, the British came at the bottom of the table of 24 countries but not alone, the Danes and the Irish are also, according to the findings of the study, the worst behaved. British holidaymakers, echoing the results of another study released earlier this week, are likely to make the least effort in speaking the local language, while the Germans, French and Americans apparently excel at whiping out their phrase books. Head of corporate affairs for the Association of Travel Agents, Keith Betton did his best to defend the lack of efforts made by British holidaymakers to speak the local language by pointing out that most other countries speak English. But he did stress that the British holidaymaker is becoming more adventurous. The Italians, Spanish and Germans are most likely to try local food, while the Britons, Indians and burger-loving Americans are more likely to shy away from native delicacies. Sadly, when it comes to other things like doing the Conga at two in the morning, the British are apparently champions of the world. But, contrary to popular belief, especially in the Balearics over recent years, the Germans are not the big spenders they are considered to be. While the Americans, then the Japanese and Russians are the big spenders, the Germans in fact have emerged from the survey as the meanest nation and the British have the most fun while on holiday. “British holidaymakers are some of the most widely travelled in the world, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're good at it,” said managing director Dermot Halpin. “A little effort goes a long way in a foreign country.” “Perhaps the Germans actually deserve to get the best sunbeds.”


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