The police closed part of the motorway so that debris could be removed.

Three people, including a father and son, lost their lives in a multiple pile-up on the outskirts of Inca yesterday afternoon. A lorry carrying pallets of building materials and three vehicles were involved in the accident at 3pm just two kilometres outside Inca on the road to Alcudia. While crash investigators were still at the scene last night and examining the vehicles involved, according to police sources, it appears that the vehicle driven by 42-year-old Jose Luis C.O., who escaped with minor injuries, crossed the central reservation and collided with the lorry pulling the trailer loaded with building material. The lorry careered into a BMW, driven by 55-year-old Antonia R.P., who died later in hospital. Police believe that the collision with the BMW flipped the trailer over, with the lorry shedding its load across the road and onto a third car, driven by 43-year-old Francisco S.F. who also escaped with minor injuries. The driver of the lorry, 42-year-old Guillermo S.O. and his nine-year-old son Javier, were killed as the cab was flung into a field and crushed as it landed upside down. The accident caused traffic chaos and long tail backs and the emergency services dealt with the victims and then fire fighters and engineers cleared the road. The accident was the worst in the Balearics this year and has put the treacherous Inca to Alcudia road back under the spotlight. When the Palma to Inca motorway was built, Inca to Alcudia was to be the second phase, but the current Balearic government stopped the project. There was also a serious accident outside the Alcampo shopping centre yesterday involving a Peugeot and a British plated delivery van, but there were no fatalities.


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