International environmental organisations have expressed concern over the damage being caused to marine life in the Mediterranean by the continuing boom in the cruise industry. With cruise ships becoming super-liners environmental studies are being carried out in the Mediterranean and the results are causing concern. On average, cruise ships generate seven tonnes of rubbish per day and environmental groups have confirmed that some liners are dumping waste at sea which is damaging sea life and the marine habitat. Cruise traffic in the Mediterranean has grown considerably over the past decade, so too has the size of the cruise ships and while port authorities across the Mediterranean are embracing the boom and expanding port facilities and services, green groups want to see tougher controls and inspections introduced by the European Union to help protect the Mediterranean. Next year a number of the world's leading cruise companies will be introducing new ships into the Western Mediterranean, many of which will be based in Palma, on new routes. International environmental groups plan to spend the winter lobbying Brussels for tougher controls on the cruise industry.


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