The Council of Majorca have introduced a campaign to welcome tourists to the island.

The Balearic government was yesterday accused of shooting itself in the foot with its tourism policy. President of the Insular Council of Majorca, Maria Antonia Munar, said that all the government has achieved is the complete opposite to what it wants. “They can't talk about quality tourism while in the same breath they're against the further construction of golf courses and marinas,” she said. Munar yesterday launched a campaign to welcome tourists to Majorca and try and dispel the notion that Majorcans no longer want holidaymakers, an impression which the government has given out. Munar said that in order to attract big-spending quality tourists, the Balearics has got to offer more quality facilities, like golf courses and marinas. Insular Councillor for the Economy, Miquel Angel Flaquer, said that changing Majorca's tourism model will take years and can not be done over night. He also accused the governemnt of having made “irresponsible comments” which have caused immediate damage to the tourist industry. “We've got to create a quality infrastructure and promote new services and that takes time,” he said. “All the government has achived is that less people with less money have come this year because hoteliers have had to drop their prices.”