Strange noises reported in the sea off Majorca's north coast is causing concern - some say the noise is being caused by oil prospectors, others by an under water UFO base...The noise has been reported by a number of members from CIAS the Centre for Investigation and Underwater Activities in Palma who claim that it is like no other and can be heard in waters between Dragonera and Formentor. Those who have heard the noise say that, on a calm day, it can be heard above the surface of the water and that its intensity and volume depends on the depth. Josep Amengual, three times world sub aqua fishing champion said that it sounded like a far off machine, “but it's so intense at times it sounds like it's just a few metres away.” Other fishermen have reported that it can be heard every day. However, none of the professional fishermen in the area have noticed any change in fish stocks and catches over the past few months. However, none of the fisheries or investigative organisations in the Balearics have the resources or equipment to record and investigate the strange sounds of the deep. Outside help is being sought to help solve the mystery. The most credible and common theory at the moment is that the noise is being created by oil prospectors working off the coast of Tarragona, but Juan Miguel Batle, a technical engineer and specialist in marine acoustics at the Balearics Centre of Oceanography, said that if the oil theory were correct, then the noise would also be heard along the coast of Tarragona - and it is not. Majorca's UFO investigators, which have claimed for decades that Soller is frequently visited by UFO's, claim that the saound is coming from an underwater base for flying saucers! President of the Fundación Anomalía, which specialises in the study of unidentified objects and strange phenomenon, Matías Morey, admitted that to make such a claim stand up, “we need real evidence that underwater bases exist.” But in 1978, local UFO experts claimed that there was a subaqua UFO base off the coast of Soller between Punta Cala Roja and Es Morro de sa Vaca. Batle however, while admitting that at this early stage the noise is difficult to explain, said that every phenomenon has an explanation and in time, with the aid of experts from the mainland and across Europe, all will be revealed.