The population of Minorca increased in size by 14.4 per cent during the last decade. The latest report from the National Statistics Institute indicates that Minorca's population has grown slightly slower than the Balearic rate of 18.7 per cent. Between 1991 and 2001, Minorca's population increased by 1'085 inhabitants. The three areas where population growth has been most noticeable are Es Castell, Es Mercadal and Sant Lluis. Es Mercadel's population ballooned by 38.2 per cent, nearly twice the Balearics average while Sant Lluis saw its number of inhabitants increase by 49.8 per cent. But while the number of inhabitants has grown, Mahon and Ciutadella have seen their share of Minorca's population fall. In 1991, the two towns accounted for 63.45 per cent of the island's population, but by the end of last year, their share had shrunk to 48 per cent. Ciutadella used to be home to 31 per cent of the population but that has fallen to 22.56 per cent. But in contrast, during the last decade, 14 of every 100 new inhabitants to Minorca, moved to Sant Lluis and eight of every 100 to Es Mercadal.