Souvenir and resort shop owners in Calvia have seen takings fall by between 20 and 40 per cent this summer. Jose Tirado, president of Calvia's Association of Tourist Shopkeepers (Acotur), said yesterday that the areas which have been hardest hit are the jewellers and the gift shops which have seen takings fall by 40 per cent. Supermarkets and off licences have suffered a 25 per cent fall in business while the municipality's bars and restaurants are 30 per cent down on last summer's takings so far and few see the situation improving. Tirado said that Calvia is paying the price for a highly unusual season dogged by international problems and the introduction of the ORA pay-and-display parking system. He said that a large number of people who used to head for the beaches from Palma have stopped going and have gone elsewhere on the weekends because of the new parking restrictions and limits. Tirado said that the parking limits should only apply along the sea front and also not be applicable on the weekends. However, despite the negative figures, Tirado said that Calvia is the least effected by the tourism crisis.