British holidaymakers' hopes of beating the Germans to the best beach spots have been boosted by the publication of a towel territory rating table. The table from the Thomson holiday company gives Britons an idea of just how much towel space they can expect to have at top European beaches this month. The table shows that San Antonio on Ibiza has the most crowded sands with room for 1.1 towels per person while Isla Canela on the Costa de la Luz in southern Spain has enough room for 14.5 towels per person. Considered by Thomson as “a bit of fun”, the table is based on a formula which involves measuring the size of the beach, dividing it by the size of a beach towel (1.2 square metres) and then dividing that by the average number of visitors per day. Thomson also offered tips on how to maintain beach space suggesting:
If you have children get them to build a sandcastle upon arrival as no-one likes to trample on a beautiful sand creation.
Take an inflatable even if you do not use it
Put up a wind shield even if it's not windy.
Take a sun umbrella that's wider than your towel you will need the shade at some point during the day.
Start an energetic game of bat and ball to warn off anyone thinking of parking their towel within inches of yours.
Meanwhile, an Anglo-French survey from Channel Tunnel company Eurotunnel reveals that while UK holidaymakers find their beaches crowded, the French have much more room on their sands. Half of holidaymakers in the UK feel browbeaten and uneasy thanks to British beach congestion.