A large number of people stopped in their tracks when they came across a large number of accident victims lying in the road in Son Macià near Manacor. But it was only a mock exercise staged by the Red Cross, police and fire brigade to test the preparation of workers. In the exercise, two cars were involved in a collision, one landing on top of the other, leaving four people trapped inside. A further 13 people were injured and were lying in the road. Jaume Perelló of the Manacor chapter of the Red Cross, explained that the purpose of the accident was to show how the various departments co-ordinate efforts in such accidents. Twenty Red Cross volunteers, five firemen and five police officers were involved in the operation. The accident victims who were “unconscious” were the first to be moved from the accident scene. Treatment was also given for broken bones, haemorrages, bruising, minor sprains and other injuries. The fire brigade cut off the doors and roof of the cars to remove the victims trapped inside, while the police dealt with the minor injuries. One person in the crowd was overcome by the experience and fainted.