Man may not live by bread alone, but finding a fresh loaf of bread in the city centre is becoming increasingly difficult as many bakeries have closed for holidays. This is the case in the area around the Sala Rivoli cinema where the Cladera, Rivoli, Forn de Campos and Can Miquel bakeries all have the “closed for holidays” sign up. This does not present too serious a problem on weekdays, as anyone wanting a loaf or cakes can find them in supermarkets. But on Sundays and holidays people are finding that they now have to rove quite a distance to find bread. It has been suggested that the bakers association could organise a rota system, similar to that operated by chemists. People who work in the city are also complaining about the number of restaurants which have closed for holidays this month. They include four popular pizzerias in Calle Industria. Although restaurants in general are complaining about a drop in customers, the clientele at these establishments is local and have lunch there all year round.