Thousands of people turned up for the ‘catch the duck' competition, which is the most controversial and most popular event of the fiestas in Can Picafort. Residents and tourists alike jostled for a good view along the recently opened promenade. In all 300 ducks were released and captured and there were no incidents, even though a few days before the event the Balearic ministry of agriculture warned the council in writing that it was illegal. As in previous years, the government sent a civil service to Can Picafort, to open proceedings as the event breaks the law on animal protection. But that was the least of the concerns of the crowd as they prepared for the start of the event at noon, when the 300 ducks were thrown into the water from three boats off the shore. It was not even necessary to dive into the sea to catch one of the ducks. Many of them, unaccustomed to the noise and action, made a beeline for dry land. Now the defiant town council of Santa Margalida, which has jurisdiction over Can Picafort, is waiting for the government to announce the pertinent fine, which last year was 3'000 euros.