The Balearic government last night announced that it intends to help victims of the floods in Germany and Austria. The government has decided to try and assist as many families effected by the floods over the past few weeks as possible. The initiative, announced in an official communique yesterday afternoon by the Balearic Ministry for Tourism via its Berlin office, will involve a “substantial” number of children under the age of 12 being invited to Majorca on holiday. The newly opened Balearic office in Berlin has already opened negotiations with the various sectors of the tourist industry, which the government hopes will co-operate in the scheme. Many of the tour operators and firms already contacted have expressed their approval and interest in helping, the next stage is taking care of the logistics. As yet, the number of children to be invited to Majorca has to be decided. The government will need to know excatly which and how German and Austrian tour operators, travel agents and transport companies and which hotel chains are going to participate, but in theory, the Balearic government would like to bring over as many as possible for a one week holiday to help them recover from the trauma and shock of the worst floods central Europe has seen in decades. In Majorca, according to Tourism Ministry sources, the tourist industry is more than willing to help and is prepared to make a special effort for the children of the floods. The local industry sent out a message of solidarity to the flood victims last night, especially those who have been “personaly, economically and socially effected.” The first wave of children is expected to arrive next month, providing the scheme can be organised as quickly as possible.