From today, all types of vehicles can use the right hand side of the Borne in Palma in both directions. Up to now, only public transport could use this lane in the direction of Avenida Jaime III. The measure was approved last week and Mayor Joan Fageda ordered it to be applied from today. The left hand side of the Borne will remain closed to traffic. The move is considered a step backwards in the application of the Mobility Plan for Palma, which called for structural reforms to the Borne including traffic in one direction only (towards the sea) and extensive reforms which would leave the side with the narrow pavement for pedestrians, but without physical barriers which would prevent the return of vehicles in the future. The council paid more than 150'000 euros for a mobility study and people are now asking just how necessary it was and what was the point of setting up an advisory mobility body, if its decisions are revoked by the Mayor. The plan was part of the council's attempt to persuade drivers to leave their cars at home and use public transport. It has invested considerably in new buses, but there have been complaints of poor frequencies and delays caused by road works. Both Pedro Alvarez, chairman of the EMT (Municipal Transport Company) and councillor José Manuel Sierra, who is in charge of the traffic department, are opposed to the new regulations for the Borne.