Balearic leader Francesc Antich yesterday called on hoteliers to “put an end to conflicts and to sit down and discuss the projects which have to be done with the tourist tax,” adding that he respected their opposition to the controversial tax as “each person defends their interests.” Antich is back at work after a brief break in Algaida. He said that he respected hoteliers' plans to appeal against the forthcoming settlement of the tax, but he felt that the debate should now centre on what the government planned to do with the money this year. Carrying out the projects planned in connection with the tax will be “a very important challenge” in the efforts to promote quality in tourism, Antich said. He described the tax as “solid and basic for any tourist industry which wants to have a future and which wants to give a solid image.” He added that there was no better promotion than a satisified tourist, and all the projects which will be set in motion because of the tax are on the behalf of tourists. They will also raise the standard of living of residents, he added. The European Commission recently announced that the Balearic tourist tax did not constitute a “double taxation” incompatible with European legislation on VAT, and Antich said this came as no surprise because it is what his government had defended all along.